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Healthy Roots MD 


Serving Summerville, SC and surrounding areas..









Healthy Roots MD offers our patients quality preventive health care that is compassionate, culturally-sensitive, personalized, and affordable.  

Our whole-health approach honors your unique health blueprint and supports your journey to optimal health and wellness.  We believe  that your medical care can be more than prescription meds and periodic check-ups.  Maintaining good health is rooted in the fundamental healthy lifestyle choices we make everyday.   The current sick-care system has taught us to accept disease as inevitable.   Communities of color and other medically underserved groups are particularly impacted by this messaging.  For example,  one might say "Everyone in my family has diabetes, so it's only a matter of time before I get it too".  However, what if this person knew about the many evidence-based lifestyle interventions that prevent, and treat chronic diseases like diabetes?  At Healthy Roots MD, we embrace wellness and healing practices as integral components of our treatment plans. At Healthy Roots MD we have one main goal, fully supporting your path to optimal health with empowering healthcare.  

Healthy Roots MD is a direct primary care (DPC) practice.

Direct Primary Care is a membership-based primary care model that fosters a direct relationship between a patient and their doctor. DPC promotes QUALITY, AFFORDABLE, ACCESSIBLE and INSURANCE-FREE healthcare.


 To care for and empower our patients with personalized, compassionate, and comprehensive healthcare.

"Putting the CARE Back in YOUR Health Care"

Healthy Roots MD Benefits

✅    Direct & Personalized Care from a physician vested in your wellness

✅    Prevention-based care with a Lifestyle focus

✅    Unlimited Office Visits

✅    Unrushed Extended Visits, 30-60 minutes

✅    Same or Next Day Appointments

✅    Short Wait Times in office

✅    Inexpensive care with simple transparent pricing

✅    No co-pays, deductibles, or surprise bills 

✅    Wholesale pricing on medications

✅    Negotiated lower cost X-rays

✅    Telemedicine/Text/Email communications with your doctor

✅    Your doctor's Direct cell phone number

Join Healthy Roots MD TODAY! 
Optimize your health and simplify your healthcare with the personalized, compassionate, and comprehensive primary care you and your family deserve!

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